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There are so many reasons to assist our recently returning Veterans.  They have given much in their service to our country, and have received little in return once they've left the military. VetForce1 accepts the challenge to right these wrongs and assist these Veterans as a way to say thanks, and not as a gesture of charity.

In the broadest sense, Veterans today represent all Americans.  And the irony of it all, when you ask people and organizations to join forces to assist our Veterans, they all ask. “How can we help?”

Why then does the problem exist of how to assist our Veterans?  What we found were that organizations and individuals simply just don’t know how or where to begin.

The VetForce1 organization was formed to answer this problem clearly. Why do we know what to do? Because we asked the Veterans what they needed.


VetForce1 assists recently returning Veterans find meaningful employment.  It’s a gesture of appreciation for the sacrifices they have made for our country.  The programs and services of VetForce1 are completely free to recently returning Veterans.  We consider a Veteran to be one who served and was honorably discharged from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard.  VetForce1 is singular in purpose, to assist and prepare recently returning Veterans through the employment maze into meaningful employment.  Why are we so singular in purpose?  Because that's what our recently returning Veterans told us they needed.

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Martha Cothren is the daughter of a World War II POW, was named Teacher of the Year in 2006 by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and regularly has Veterans attend her classes. Martha's students send letters and packages to our armed forces in Afghanistan.  But in September 2005, she did something unforgettable.  (click to read more)

Mission Statement

“To assist and prepare recently returning Veterans transition into the private sector.”

Vision Statement

"Within three years, VetForce1 will be known as the organization that creates pathways for Veterans to find meaningful careers."

The companies listed below are proud to be a VetForce1 Partner.  VetForce1 is honored by their support.




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